Circle of Security Classroom Approach:

Nurturing Stronger Connections in Early Childhood Education

As a kaiako, you understand the impact that a supportive and nurturing environment has on tamariki growth and well-being. Circle of Security Classroom Approach is a programme dedicated to enhancing your skills and fostering meaningful relationships between kaiako, tamariki, and their whānau.

About the Programme: 

The Circle of Security Classroom Approach is an engaging programme that equips kaiako with essential insights and practical strategies to create secure and loving relationships between tamariki and their caregivers. 

This research-based programme draws from attachment theory and emphasises the importance of emotional connection in shaping a child’s development.

Reflective-Based Learning: 

Central to this approach is the power of reflection. I recognise that deep learning occurs when we engage in thoughtful introspection. This programme encourages you to reflect on your teaching practice so you can develop your understanding of attachment theory, emotional cues, and communication dynamics. Through reflective conversations, you’ll gain a new lens through which to perceive and support the needs of tamariki, allowing you to build stronger bonds and a more inclusive learning environment.

Interactive Video Modules: 

Thoughtfully designed video modules modules provide valuable insights into recognising emotional cues and applying effective communication techniques. By observing these interactions, you’ll refine your ability to address the needs of tamariki sensitively and empower their caregivers to do the same.

Programme Highlights:

  • 7 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each (10.5 hours of training in total)
  • Develop a deeper understanding of attachment theory and its real-world implications for emotional development.
  • Acquire effective communication strategies that facilitate open dialogue between kaiako, tamariki, and whānau.
  • Recognise and respond to emotional cues, cultivating a sense of trust and security in your educational relationships.
  • Utilise reflective conversations to refine your teaching approach and create a more inclusive and empathetic learning environment.
  • Enrich your teaching practice with invaluable skills and insights.

To enhance your experience, each intake will include a dedicated Professional Learning Group hosted on Kebudel. This group will serve as a structured space, fostering collaborative and professional development opportunities for all participants

Enrolments for Term 2 2024 are now OPEN