In life there are seasons of GIVING. And there are seasons of RECEIVING.

This is me. 27 weeks pregnant with my twinnies. By all accounts I look happy and excited for the impending arrival of my boys. But I was struggling. I was on modified bedrest and I felt isolated. People would say “let us know if we can help” and I would assure them that I would. But I never did. I didn’t know how to accept help because I was too proud.

When I talk with Mums, I notice that being in the season of receiving does not come naturally to us. We are givers, always offering more of ourselves than we actually have to give. But when we are in need of receiving help we often don’t know how to ask.

We need to be open to entering the season of receiving. And be comfortable with asking for help. And receiving it with gratitude. We know how good it feels to give, we need to experience how good it feels to receive.