? Is your baby waking often during the night?
? Feeling exhausted?
? Do you need more sleep at night?

LATE NIGHT DOULA CARE is here to help!

What does a late night doula do exactly?

If your baby is breastfeed, my job is to take over once breastfeeding is complete. I will do all other aspects of the routine such as changing, settling and putting baby back to sleep. I will wake you when baby needs their next feed.

If your baby is bottle feeding, I will care for the baby throughout the night. I will do all feeds, settling and helping the baby back to sleep. This allows you to have uninterrupted restorative sleep.

I will record all important information so you know exactly how your baby has been throughout the night. I will clean and wash bottles and pumping supplies. I will make sure that you wake to a clean and tidy home.

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